Overflowing with gratitude for these kind words....

"I had a great experience. I traveled into a secret tunnel and spent time searching for my power animal. And I found it! It was very relaxing and fun. Nilou was amazing at playing drums. If you're thinking about trying it, just do it!" -Cameron, age 9         

"Nilou is a great healer from the first time I saw her I had the most relaxing experience my body humming in the parasympathetic state and yes she also got the knots out. By the second third and fourth time she was getting deeper and closer and closer to the core of my holding patterns and releasing them. I have been a massage therapist for over 10 years and I have worked in some of the finest resorts in southern California and Nilou has given me the best body and spirit work I've ever had. She is whole heartedly dedicated to the true healing abilities of body, mind and spirit. She uses her gifts to unwind the hold ups, she's aware of so many techniques and intuits just what where and when you need it next to get to your true homeostasis point.  She's amazing. Feels amazing. She really knows what she's doing. I think she even kicked out some bad spirits hanging around in my neck. Haven't had neck pain since the last session we had months ago. Unfortunately I moved. And I miss her so :)" -Vaia

"Nini is a healer. If you need a great massage on a purely physiological level--tense shoulders, tight hamstring, etc.--you'll get it. But you'll also get so much more: Nini can sense where your emotions are affecting your physical symptoms. From the first moment Nini asked me very gently what had been going on with my body, I sensed an implied, "What's been going on with everything," not because she needed the information necessarily to address my massage needs, but because she could already sense in my posture, my voice, where my deeper, more habitual tensions lay. She is deeply intuitive and incredibly knowledgeable--both about the human body and the spirit, and what they need to change their patterns of tension and, ultimately, heal profoundly. I was most struck by her attention to detail, both in the pre-massage consultation period and during the massage itself: when you think the massage is over, Nini is actually listening carefully to your body to make fine-tuning adjustments, something like a hairstylist checking for the symmetry in length of your haircut on either side of your face, but even more precise and thorough. She isn't satisfied until your body seems aligned, and you know it, too, because you come down from the massage table feeling restored, balanced, and revived, with an ease of movement you'll realize you haven't felt in a while. She even recommended some yoga poses that could help me address my particular muscular issues on my own. Her dedication to caring for your whole being is clearly evident through the whole experience. I found both of my sessions so valuable, I wanted to pay her more than she charges! See Nini before word spreads and it's impossible to get an appointment with her!" -Halina